Remember when President Uchtdorf said to doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith? It looks like other religions agree with him. Except each leader will say it’s fine to doubt the other religions, just not his. And for maximum effect, stay away from the evil internet that discusses the truth claims of these religions. Unless of course you’re visiting the websites run by an organized religion. In that case, you can totally trust every word, because no religion would lie or keep you away from the unvarnished truth about their history, right?

If this is how organized religion plans to deal with their truth claims, they will continue to lose people in droves. Millennials aren’t going to put up with their leaders telling them not to research things online. It’s only going to make them want to research it more, which will continue to fuel the fire of disaffection.



Doubt Your Doubts With This One Weird Trick — 2 Comments

  1. but doesn’t that kind of make sense. If you want people to stay in your religion, you are not going to go tell them to go on the internet and tread through all the filth until they find some “facts”. If you want your kid to be a capitalist,you’re not going to give him “The Communist Manifesto” to read

    • I want my kids to be free to research any topic and come to their own conclusions. I assumed that was something anyone could agree with, but maybe not. One of my favorite hymns is “O Say, What is Truth?” Isn’t truth something that we shouldn’t be afraid of? People may disagree on conclusions from what we can read from history, but I would hope no one would be afraid to learn any bit of information. It sometimes might be difficult to hear because it might not line up with our current understanding of things, but that doesn’t mean we should ignore it and only read things that we agree with.

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