Hi, My Name Is Steve and I’m an Independent Mormon! — 3 Comments

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  2. Wonderful post, Steve! My thoughts are very much in line with yours. I converted to the LDS church as a teen from a liberal Protestant background. I soon found the authoritarian nature of the church too much to bear and left. Despite my displeasure with the controlling nature and absolutist attitude of the church, my departure left me with great sadness because I genuinely loved Mormonism! I don’t believe much of what the church teaches to be literally true, but I find Mormon theology, cosmology, and culture to be compelling if viewed liberally & figuratively. Three decades after my leaving the LDS church, I’m a member in my family’s liberal Protestant church learning how to also be an “Independent Mormon”. I read the Book of Mormon, D&C, Pearl of Great Price, etc. and incorporate Mormon thought into my personal spiritual faith & practice. Although I know the hierarchy of the church would say I’m apostate, but it works for me.

    • Cool! I like how you look at things. I wish the LDS church would make room for people who look at religion “liberally & figuratively” like you say. Good luck on your continued journey!

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