Why do people leave the LDS church? — 5 Comments

  1. For some reason I really like this topic, so I’ll comment. I don’t think there’s ever really a single “reason”—when the shelf breaks, which book do you blame? That said, there’s definitely sometimes a primary reason (an Encyclopedia Brittanica).

    For me, Church history was just a small part of my disaffection. I was more influenced by the Church’s harmful doctrines/policies and by my own bad experiences with Church leaders. So yes, I was “offended” which apparently is a bad reason for leaving, but I think it’s legitimate. I don’t ever again want to be in a position where a self-righteous old man I didn’t even elect can screw me over.

    • Thanks for your comment, Tom. People do leave legitimately due to bad experiences like yours. What I don’t like is how the church minimizes being “offended” by telling stories like the milk strippings. It makes it sound like people only get offended over silly things.

  2. Thank you Steve, not only for the blog but for the above comment that I find to be spot on! As for me, I must admit, I never actually believed in the historicity of the mormon church. I am from Europe and we study history early in school, so some of the claims in the Book of Mormon I knew were wrong (aka horse just to mention one, never mind the others) but I tried to make them stick; I try to tell myself that Joseph Smith made a honest mistake in translation but then everybody kept telling me that most perfect book. Well it came the point that I could not lie to myself. I didn’t get offended at anybody, not even when I was told that one day I, too, would become white and delightsome (I tan very well), i just dismissed it as ignorance. All in all, not good for me to be there. Cheers

    • Thanks for commenting, Stef! I’m always interested to hear other people’s stories. I’m glad you felt like you got to a point where you could be honest with yourself. It’s not easy for everyone to get there.

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