About Indie Mormon

There are topics brought up on this blog that can be painful to true believers of the LDS church. Reader discretion is advised.

Indie Mormon is a blog about a transformation from being an orthodox Mormon (a member of the LDS Church) to becoming an independent Mormon. What’s an independent Mormon? I can only explain that for myself, since each independent Mormon has to decide what he or she believes. For example, I don’t believe the Book of Mormon is a historically accurate book. But I do believe it contains teachings that can help someone be a better person and draw closer to God. I see good and bad in the LDS Church, just like I see good and bad in all churches. I recognize the good and bad exist because all churches are run by human beings who make mistakes and churches don’t have infallible leaders or scriptures. As of January 2016 I am officially an ex-Mormon. So why do I still write about the LDS church? Being a Mormon will always be part of my identity, even if it’s as an ex-Mormon or an independent Mormon. I claim my Mormon heritage as my own. I am grateful for the good the church and community taught me, and I reject the parts that no longer resonate with me. I still have a lot of friends and family who are participating Mormons, and I hope what I write on this blog might help them come to a better understanding of Mormons who don’t take the Mormon theology so literally.