Mormon: Not a Fan of Baptisms for the Dead — 3 Comments

  1. For a few years I’ve also had my doubts about ordinances for the dead, but on mathematical grounds.

    The church teaches it as though there’s a preferred Plan A (living ordinances) for those who have the gospel in this life, and a fallback Plan B (ordinances for the dead) for everyone else.

    What’s never brought up in our lessons is that only a tiny fraction of a percent of all people who’ve lived on Earth will get a shot at Plan A. So God either plays favorites, or is astonishingly inefficient. Members tend to prefer the first explanation, which encourages them to think they were among the most righteous 0.0001% of all spirits in the pre mortal life.

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  3. The Saviour was baptised despite not requiring a remission of sins. So I think Baptism is an administrative item that you need to check off as much as a saving ordinance.

    It only makes sense we will be judged by what we could and ought to have known. Pleading ignorance won’t cut it if opportunities have presented themselves.

    The Saviour sent out a hand full of men to share the gospel. Yet look at its influence. On paper numbers don’t make sense to us.

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