Why I Resigned — 4 Comments

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  2. i first had a faith crisis in 1999, after realizing i had become an object of gossip in a congregation i used to attend. after someone at church said something in my presence that made me realize i was an object of gossip, i had an emotional collapse. i became bitter, angry, and upset. along with my emotional collapse, came my faith crisis. it was a long process. in 2011 i heard of and John Dehlin. i went to and joined their forum. stayed there about 2 years and 20l4 i contemplated going back but realized i couldn’t go back because i didn’t agree with the LDS church’s stand against gays and lesbians being authentic (gay marriage).

    bottom line is i had amazing spiritual experiences as a member. it is probably why i held onto lds mormonism as long as i did.

    as a former member of the lds faith where do i fit ? i think that has been the hardest thing since leaving lds mormonism behind. where do i go for spiritual nourishment ? i thought long and hard about that and if there was a community i could go to, it would be a church that would be a hybrid mix of Community of Christ and the LDS church. Community of Christ is amazing in it’s acceptance of the lgbt community ! but one thing i missed about the lds church is it’s love of saving ordinances which the Community of Christ church doesn’t have. so, in a nutshell, neither community really does it for me. the solution, as i see it, is to start a new faith community – but in reality who would be up for that ? honestly ? i don’t think the numbers are there. This is where i am at in my faith journey.

    • Thank you for your comments. Everyone is so different and has different experiences, so each faith transition is unique as well. I personally have had some good experiences going to Community of Christ. But you’re right, they don’t see the ordinances as being required for salvation. I don’t either, so I feel like they’re a good fit for me. I have gone to other churches where I’ve also had some great spiritual experiences, so I know I would happy at a variety of churches if I ever decided I wanted to join a church again. I wish you good luck in finding something that works for you.

      • Hi Steve,

        Thanks for your comment. You’re right. People’s faith journeys are individually different. As to Community of Christ’s lack of interest in ordinances: It isn’t so much I want saving ordinances. It’s participating in saving ordinances that I miss. It’s a cultural thing, not so much that I feel that they are essential. Just that I miss that aspect of LDS mormon culture. I think some people would love to be able to participate in a “simulated” version of the ordinances – especially those who have left the church for cultural reasons (lgbt issues). I think there is a lot of beauty in the lds ordinances – especially of the endowment and the initiatories and sealings, as well as baptisms and proxy baptisms. I love it all. In that sense I am a die hard Mormon, but when it comes to acceptance of allowing gays and lesbians to live authentically, that i just can not live with in the lds community.

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