The Lost 116 Pages: How It Should Have Ended — 6 Comments

  1. But these ending are logical. The LDS Church only functions on the mental gymnastics needed to support the cognitive dissonance required to be deemed worthy. /s

    Great piece! Joking aside, when an organization uses God as an excuse to hurt/marginalize/take rights away from others and say they have the authority to do so, it’s time and our responsibility to look deeper into the foundation of that “authority.” We will see it is built on sand.

  2. You forgot the ending where God convinces Joseph to cut off Lucy’s head while she’s sleeping, dress up in her bloody clothes, and then ask Martin to bring him the plates while he’s in disguise. Regardless, your endings are spot on! Great work!

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  4. Given the fact, which the Church is slowly admitting, that the plates were not used to create the Book of Mormon, but a magical rock he found on his own, there was no reason why JS could not reproduce it exactly like before and know how they would try to change it head of time. BTW this rock is not an iPhone from the future.

  5. In the first “alternative ending”, Joe goes to recover the manuscript, only to find that it’s been supernaturally cursed by Lucy, and keeps sinking deeper into the ground making it unrecoverable.

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