A scene from “The Prophet Puzzle”, a short graphic novel.

I originally created this short graphic novel for a Sunstone Magazine contest. Unfortunately they told me they didn’t get enough submissions, so they cancelled the contest. My story was inspired by the research I did for my post “Prophet Puzzle: Possible Solutions.” At one time I planned to add some more scenes to this story, including bringing home the plates and losing the 116 pages, but for now I’m done. It includes three theories about why Joseph Smith brought forth the Book of Mormon, including the believing LDS version of events. I don’t claim to be an artist, but I enjoyed giving it my best shot! At the very least I learned a lot about using Adobe Illustrator.

The version you see on this page is probably too small to read. Go here to see the full version where you can click on any image to see its full resolution, or click on the embedded version below.

The Prophet Puzzle


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