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  1. Wait… You think the book of mormon has to be false because they were written on Gold and Joseph Smith didn’t show many people? You know that as soon as word spread around that Joseph had found the plates, people had tried to either find them or steal them? So it can be assumed that Joseph wasn’t to keen on the idea of showing everyone. I mean they were freaking GOLD. Usually you dont parade that stuff around. Also, all of the sworn witnesses NEVER denied seeing the plates even after some of them left the church. I think this is hilarious… Moses could show eveyone the ten commandments but Joseph couldn’t, so the book of mormon must be false… Plus, the book of mormon was all about gearing up for the coming of christ… Many of the prophets in the bible never knew or saw him… This is so stupid. you are trying to find reasons to convince yourself this testimony that YOU had for years is gone and that it must be false. You will find any reason to trash or prove the church wrong. The church didn’t need to show a “trusted reporter” or anybody for that matter. And for the mark twain… He apologized and came back to Salt lake, after which released a glowing report about the saints and their faith…

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    • I think the Book of Mormon is not historically accurate because of all the proof that shows it’s not historical. See my post here that discusses it: It may contain truth that resonates with many people, but it’s not a historically accurate book.

      The fact that the Book of Mormon allegedly came from magical gold plates that no one was allowed to see except close confidants to Joseph Smith just makes the whole thing seem more fishy. As for Mark Twain’s apology, do you have a link for that? All I could find about his visit to SLC was this, and he doesn’t bring up his review of the Book of Mormon:

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  3. Hey John, Check out a series of experiments in psychology called the “Asch Conformity Experiments” Although I can’t prove that the same phenomenon contributed to the witnesses testimony, it does seem possible. And Joseph could hand pick his test witnesses.

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