Can the Church Survive the Internet? — 3 Comments

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  2. Really good post. I’ve grown up in the LDS Church but have been attending the Salt Lake City Community of Christ Congregation for the last few months. It had really worked for me in my faith journey. Things like not putting emphasis on the one true Church, having female priesthood members, supporting LGBT individuals, continuing revelation (they have 164 sections of their D&C), and true common consent, and financial/organizational transparency are factors for changing faith traditions. I hope that some of these changes occur on the LDS Church. I had to do what was healthy for me, but I admire those who are willing to stick it out in the Church as change is slowly being made. I hope by its 200 anniversary the LDS decides to come clean and make its history open and transparent.

  3. Let’s be honest, there is no way the LDS Church will go for number 2 unless it has to do so. And then it will go kicking and screaming. There are too many TBM’s and very few of us non-literal thinkers. It isnt in their corporate interest to upset their key stakeholders.

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